Ring Out the Old and Ring In the New!!!

Posted on Dec 18, 2016

This year we are trying something new!  Now that we are in a beautiful large space we have more options!  One of the things that I wanted to try was a New Year’s celebration in a non traditional way.  I know there are a lot of people out there that don’t celebrate in the traditional way (me being one of them), so I decided why don’t we do something different!  So with a little input from some respected voices, I decided to host a special night of sound and vibration.  I am looking forward to hosting the “First Annual New Year’s Eve Tibetan Bowl Concert/Meditation” here at Heartsong.

Come end 2016 and start 2017 in a soothing, relaxing and unconventional way.

We will start with dessert, tea and conversation.  Then before the session starts we will each set a personal intention/resolution (either out loud or to ourselves) for the new year.

Then lay back and  bathe your body in sound and vibration from the Gongs, Bowls and Chimes.  Let your physical, emotional and spiritual energy bodies soak in every note, sound, tone and vibration as you drift off into a peaceful place.

Please feel free to bring an item to put on the alter to absorb the sound and vibration and then take it home with you to transfer that vibration to you personal space.

So, if you don’t have any plans and don’t like the traditional scene, please to join us.  I look forward to seeing you there.  Happy New Year!

See Calendar for details.  Energy Exchange: $25.00

Always with love,