vetical ChakrasIt is my intention here at Heartsong Energy Healing to provide several alternative choices to help heal the body, mind, and spirit. I take this very serious and will help you decide which modality will work best for you. I offer Hands on Energy Healing, Tibetan Bowl healing and stress reduction (relaxation), Raindrop Technique using Young Living Essential Oils and KHY Tai Chi.

Not only do I believe in balancing the whole body, but I also believe in balancing and clearing your surroundings as well. Whether it’s where you live or where you work, when your surroundings are balanced your world is less chaotic and frazzled. Space Clearing can be very helpful in keeping your living and working area calm, clear, balanced and free of negative energy.

I am an ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church. Being a minister allows me to offer Other Services to my healing practice. It also allows me to bring another dimension to weddings, partner ceremonies and celebration of life ceremonies because of my background as an intuitive energy healer.